What to do if you see neglect or cruelty to animals – call our Cruelty Line on 0300 1234 999

As people go around their daily lives they sometimes see instances of neglect and cruelty that they want to report to get help. The RSPCA is often the first place to call, particularly for smaller domestic animals. There is an RSPCA national phone line that you can use to do this, where they will ask for further information about what you have seen, so that they can work out how best to help. 

If you see a farm animal on a farm that you think is ill or injured and isn’t receiving the proper medical care, or you believe they are in danger or distress, then please contact the RSPCA as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can report this to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) (this is a link to an external government website with details for DEFRA).

Please only call the RSPCA emergency helpline if you have a genuine animal welfare emergency that may require a visit from one of our officers. A genuine animal welfare emergency is one where an animal is sick, injured or trapped, and it is not safe or suitable for a member of public to assist, or where an animal is in a situation that results in risk to life or imminent danger of it being harmed.

The phone lines are under immense pressure with a new call every 30 seconds

Image of man taking cruelty call and saying 1.25million calls received in 2019y call

The main website can be reached through the link below with updated information on things you can do or check before making the call. In some cases, other people are better able to help (such as stray dogs locally can be reported to the local dog warden, or injured wildlife can be taken to the nearest vet if easy to transport without risk to yourself). This will take you to the main RSPCA site away from our branch website.

Link to RSPCA – Report Cruelty

Alternatively, you can call our cruelty line to report cruelty, neglect or an animal in distress. Please only call if an animal is in urgent need

0300 1234 999 (open 8.00 am to 7.30 pm)

The call will cost the same as any call to a UK landline number. Please note, during busier periods your call may be placed in a queue. You’ll be asked a variety of questions to ensure that your call is prioritised according to its urgency and to ensure there is enough information for us to investigate.