Within this section of our branch website you can find pages on

  • How to Report Neglect or Cruelty to our national helpline
  • Wildlife – information on caring for local wildlife plus information on what to do if you find injured wildlife
  • A link to our RSPCA National website. They have lots of information about animal welfare and there is a lot of information to download. They have a whole section on Advice and Welfare with many common questions answered
  • If you have a very simple question for advice, you can send us a FaceBook message to RSPCA Essex Mid & North Branch or you can send a message via the Contact us section on this page

Lost Pets

If you have lost your pet and are trying to find them, one of the websites that you could try to help you find them is Pets Located; this is an independent online resource which automatically provides matches for lost pets and notifies owners by e-mail every day, 24/7. A link to their website is here Pets Located, where you can register details of your lost pet.

Under the stray animal guidelines, all stray animals taken into RSPCA care are to be registered at Petslocated.com 

Stray Dogs

Stray dogs are the responsibility of local authorities, who must provide a dog warden service, so please telephone your local council. They often have an out of hours number to call. Stray dogs can be difficult to manage as they move around, so please provide as much information as possible to help the council

Stray Cats

Stray cats are similar to pets – at some point they will likely have been cared for by people, typically living in a home, but they are now free-living. Each stray cat will have a different story – they may have been abandoned, they may have become lost or they may have moved away from their home because they weren’t happy.

‘Free-living’ means that stray cats spend a lot of time outdoors and many are happy with the freedom of that lifestyle. However, without somebody responsible for helping to keep them safe and well-fed, they can end up with injuries or nasty health problems.

Sometimes cats with owners can be mistaken for strays. It’s important to try and find the owner of any cat you think could be a stray – including asking a vet to scan for a microchip. If the cat is not friendly and approachable, they may be feral. These cats are generally able to look after themselves. So long as a feral cat is healthy, they will live happily outside. If however, the cat is approachable and friendly, they may be a stray cat who belongs to someone.

Further information is available on the national website here