Claire cuddling Dodger

It’s hard to believe that nearly 8 years have passed since we waved goodbye to the gorgeous Dodger when he made his journey to his forever home. He was very pleased with himself to have caught the eye of his new owners!

Dodger’s family have given him the loving home he deserves and gave him the time he needed to settle in and get used to his new family and surroundings. He has seen some changes in those surroundings over time, initially living as an indoor cat but now, since a family move, enjoying exploring his surroundings and nature in the great outdoors.

In addition to the house move, and all the exciting opportunities for exploring nature that gave Dodger, one of the biggest changes was that in 2021 his family decided that it was the right time for Dodger to become a ‘big’ brother (in pecking order, if not in size) and they adopted another gorgeous young ‘man’, Gerry, from another rescue organisation.

Gerry and Dodger now live a life of luxury on the coast and enjoy snuggling up together and being treated like the gentlemen that they are. Dodger and Gerry’s owner, Claire, told us……

Dodger snuggling
Dodger and his little brother
Dodger and Gerry

” I just wanted to send an email with a picture of my cat dodger who I adopted from you in 2016.

This is him this morning….having a duvet snuggle! He was also a flat cat for a number of years being so small but has totally adapted to outside life as well, as we’ve now moved from Havering to Leigh on Sea. 

Not sure if you want to use the images for your socials at all but I just feel so strongly that adopting a cat is such a great thing to do that people need to know it’s worth it!

We also adopted another cat in 2021 called Gerry from Pussy Cat Lodge . They get on really well which is lucky although Dodger is top cat of course (when though he is only half the size!). There is also a picture of Gerry and Dodger together.

We are delighted that Dodger and his brother Gerry are being so well cared for and showered with love and always enjoy hearing updates about the beautiful animals who have been adopted from us. We agree with Claire, adoption is a great thing to do!