When you adopt an animal from us here at the RSPCA we charge an adoption fee. This fee is to help cover our costs in caring for the animal whilst it has been waiting for its new home.

These costs include daily boarding (some of our big dogs eat a lot of food every day, and others have special diets), and veterinary fees. All our animals have an initial health check to make sure they are healthy or see if they need anything. Typical costs are

  • Microchipping
  • Course of vaccinations
  • Regular flea and worm treatments
  • Neutering as all animals adopted from the RSPCA need to be neutered
Image of recently adopted dog

Typical adoption fees for dogs are:

Dogs over 1 year old

  • £ 200 to £275 depending on age and health and any vet costs incurred

Dogs / Pups up to 1 year old

  • Up to £350 depending on the individual animal

Typical adoption fees for cats are:

Cats over 1 year old

  • £ 100 to £125 depending on age and health

Kittens and young cats

  • £125 depending on age

These fees do not cover the full cost of caring for and rehoming an animal but do help, so let us care for more animals in the future