Here are some of the people you will meet within our shop. We also have some wonderful volunteers who will help you as well


Frinton Shop Manager

I am the manager for our Frinton Shop. I’ve worked for our branch for 11 years and have enjoyed every minute. The money raised in our shops is used to provide care for sick and injured animals and provide veterinary services in our clinics. If you are ever passing, please pop and see us!


Frinton Shop Assistant

I worked for Essex County Council for 26 years and within my role as senior manager I supported older people at home through Home Care and Day Care services. Following my retirement and spending 7 years in Spain I became a volunteer at the Frinton shop and for the past 5 years I have been employed there as a shop assistant.

The Prettygate Team

Debi (top middle). Loves working in the shop helping to raise money from other people’s donations. Debi has 2 guinea pigs – Pinot and Aussie

Brook (front) joined the team recently and loves the job – it is fast paced and interesting. It’s challenged me in all the best ways and allowed me to be artistic too. I work with a fantastic team.  I have always enjoyed being involved in charity work, but to have a job that allows me to work for a good cause helping animals I consider myself very privileged. I’ve always wanted to work in the line of animal care just never expecting this to be it but couldn’t be happier to be part of the Prettygate RSPCA family!


Prettygate Shop Manager

I’ve worked for the RSPCA since August 2010. I work with an amazing team in the retail charity sector raising as much money as we can to help animals in our area. I love the work I do and of course, I love animals. I have a German Shepherd myself who loves lots of cuddles, swimming and tug tugs with his favourite squeaky toy.